At Oponay Farms, saying hay means something completely different! We provide baled hay for animal fodder or anything else you may need it for. Hay production has a long history in America as hay provides the majority of food for a variety of livestock including cows, horses, goats and sheep. Hay rolled into familiar bales to dry is a common sight across the country and hay bales have come to represent a unique slice of Americana. When it comes to hay for sale, many think that it’s all the same. However, different types of grass produce different types of hay. Hay also needs to be cut and dried correctly in order for it to be safe for livestock to feed on. If hay if not properly covered when left to dry then it can open the door for all kinds of problems including rot and mold.

Depending on when the grass is cut, hay can be more or less nutritious for livestock. Younger animals need fodder higher in nutrients, usually coming from the leaves rather than the grass stock. Dairy cows also require more nutrients in their feed in order to bolster milk production.

A grass type such as alfalfa is often used as feed because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. When you purchase hay for sale, it’s important to consider all of the factors like the growing environment, soil quality, moisture and stage of maturity during harvest before you make your selection. It can also be helpful to talk to the experts at Oponay Farms about hay production to ensure you make the right choice for your livestock.

Hay used to be harvested by hand using a tool called a scythe, which was a sharp, curved blade on the end of a long stick. After it was cut, the hay was raked and baled so it would dry. Harvesting hay by hand was a tough and time consuming process made immeasurably easier by the invention of the tractor. Many people get straw and hay confused as they are very different things. Hay is comprised of long blades of grass which have been cut, baled and dried. Straw is the hollow stalk which remains from a species of grass called cereal once the grain and chaff have been removed. Hay is used to feed livestock while straw is more often used as insulation or bedding.

Oponay Farms has plenty of hay for sale in Lakeland, FL for anything you may need it for! Call today for hours of operation or other questions.